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It’s the Little Things That Matter: 100 Survival Items To Help Keep A Sense of Normality and Sanity After the Collapse Pakalert Press.

Brace Yourself: 2013 Obama Tax Tsunami to Hit America Tea Party.

The Year in Numbers: 2012 – The Gospel Coalition Blog.

Report declares thriving Israeli Christian population.

New ‘Queen James Bible’ Removes References to Homosexuality From Scripture Christian News Network.

7 Reasons America Has Not Been Reached for Christ by Greg Stier – – Christian Leadership Blogs, Articles, Videos, How Tos, and Free Resources.


via Council on Foreign Relations Plan for Global Governance in 2013 Pakalert Press.

Over 20 SEALs Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Now Dead Pakalert Press.

Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense.

Descubren un templo pagano de más de 3,000 años cerca de Jerusalén – Noticias Cristianas.

Comparar a Obama con Dios se hace popular en EE.UU. – Noticias Cristianas.

Video: KGB Agent – How To Brainwash A Nation Pakalert Press.

Genetically modified ‘frankenfish’ to appear in US stores Pakalert Press.

Obama, Biden are war criminals under UN Charter: Analyst Pakalert Press.

How: Stop Your Phone From Being Tracked Pakalert Press.

The FBI – Drowning In Counter-Terrorism Money, Power and Other Resources – Will Apply The Term “Terrorism” To Any Group It Dislikes And Wants To Control And Suppress Pakalert Press.

Pope Wants New World Order Pakalert Press.

Bilderberg-picked EU Leader Van Rompuy Calls for Global Governance With Russia.

Report From Washington – December 14th, 2012 -Obamas Egypt.

Hobby Lobby to defy Obamacare mandate.

Obamacare or Obamacrime


via Bill Gates and Eugenics: The World Needs Fewer People.

Obama Orders Pay Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers.

Video Proof Of Obamas Biggest Lie: No Taxpayer Funded Abortions.

Hobby Lobby Defies Obamacare Mandate To Provide Morning After Pill.


via Israel Planning Massive Home Building In Its Capital City Of Jerusalem.

Krauthammer: Obama Using Cliff to Start GOP Civil War.

Pope calls for world government, New World Order.

Police state rolled out in Arkansas town: Cops with AR-15s to patrol town, harass people on the street.

New study: Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized and die.

Government Dependents Outnumber Those With Private Sector Jobs In 11 U.S. States.

Say Goodbye To The Good Life.

Agenda 21 Is Being Rammed Down The Throats Of Local Communities All Over America.

20 Signs That The U.S. Poverty Explosion Is Hitting Children And Young People The Hardest.

JW Responds to First Lady Michele Obama’s Accusations of Voter Suppression in 2012 Election Judicial Watch.

Weekly Update: bin Laden leaks criminal? Judicial Watch.

Two Lawsuits against DHS over Documents about “Free” Birth Control, Abortion and Sex Changes Judicial Watch.

Vatican Calls for the Establishment of World Government and a New World Order Endtime News with Prophecy in Mind.

Hunger and homelessness rise in U.S. cities: report Endtime News with Prophecy in Mind.

Out of the Labor Force, Onto the Dole: RECORD 8.8 MILLION RECEIVE DISABILITY BENEFITS Tea Party.

Where’s Hillary Clinton? ‘Benghazi Flu’? Tea Party.


Benghazi-Gate: Obama destined for prison? | Tea Party.

Top 10 Legal Drugs Linked to Violence.

Líder musulmán de Irak advierte a los cristianos: “El Islam o la muerte” PERSECUCIONES Noticias Cristianas Evangélicas en Español.

Will 2013 Mark the Beginning of American Decline? – Bloomberg.

Indian Jews from lost tribe move to Israel – Yahoo! News.

Christianity close to extinction in Middle East – Telegraph.

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why.

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