Refugee Resettlement Watch

The Boston Globehas done a rare thing—a real investigative story that took a year with extensive use of the Freedom of Information Act and pouring over court documents and phone calls to ICE to produce a documentation of horror.  I could barely get through it, it is so gruesome and so insane.

We are letting violent immigrant criminals out of detention because we can’t or won’t deport them, and the whole shocking business is being done with the utmost secrecy on the part of the federal government.

The killers described in graphic detail in reporter Maria Sacchetti’s article are Cubans, Chinese, Liberian,Vietnamese and Bangladeshi (they don’t say, but all, except the Chinese, could be refugees).

Here is just one of the cases described in the Boston Globe ten days ago (Hat tip: Gary).  It’s about an immigrant from  Bangladesh, Shafiqul Islam, raised in the US (was he a…

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