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UCs anti-Israel environment

UCs anti-Israel environment.

Desperate times, offensive measures.

Last call for values voters.

Judicial Watch’s Hard-Hitting Documentary “District of Corruption” Scores Big Box Office Numbers on Opening Weekend Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch, Victory Film Group Announce October 26 Release of New Film: The District of Corruption – Documentary Spotlights Government Secrecy, Scandal and Corruption Judicial Watch.

Could Hurricane Sandy Delay the Election?

Michelle Obama’s Radical Past Involvement in Third World Center at Princeton

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Questions the Sincerity of Mitt Romney Collecting Donations for Superstorm Sandy Victims Video


via Obamas Layoff Bomb

Report: Enough Spent on Welfare Programs in 2011 to Write Every Poor Household a 59,523 Check

Obama Administration’s ‘Window’ With Iran Has Been Closing for More Than Three Years

Obama Met With Panetta and Biden at WH As Benghazi Terror Attack Unfolded

TSA pulls naked body scanners out of key airports; still refuses to submit to third-party safety testing.

CDC brazenly tries to poison all pregnant women with whooping cough vaccines that we know dont even work.

The Obama You Don’t Know | Washington Examiner.

Barone: Romney pressures Obama by expanding electoral map |

Delphi Workers See Pensions Plundered Under Obama.

Obama’s Courting of the Mullahs.

The Socialist Democrats: An Election Primer.

Tyranny of the Healthy.

Palestinian Facebook Page Promotes Child Suicide.

Demonizing Republicans with Hurricane Sandy.

Obama’s Wars Aren’t Over.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: September, 2012 :: Gatestone Institute.

Minnesota: Jihad recruiters using Quran to convince young Muslims to go fight in Somalia; Muslim community leaders.

Christians persecuted throughout the world – Telegraph.

Funny, huh: Gasoline Prices Down in Battleground States – Political Calculations – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1.

Obamas Disastrous Foreign Policy: Missing Libya Missiles Turn Up in Gaza – Atlas Shrugs.

Al-Qaeda Part of New Libyan Government Recognized by Obama Running Weapons to Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza – Atlas Shrugs.

FOX Nation:


via FOX Nation:.

Secret Document reveals Al-Qaeda ‘brother’ put in control of U.S. Embassy in Libya – Atlas Shrugs.


via Obama Met With Panetta and Biden at WH As Benghazi Terror Attack Unfolded, refused help as people were murdered – Atlas Shrugs.

Mishs Global Economic Trend Analysis: 670,000 Without Power in NYC; Flood Crests 13.88 Feet, Besting 1960 Record of 10.02 Feet; Wall Street Flooded.

Mishs Global Economic Trend Analysis: NY Subway May Take Weeks to Restore Service, 5 Million Affected; 80 Flooded Homes Destroyed by Fire; Stunning Flood and Fire Images.

Obama’s illegal money machine.

‘Pray for Obama’ sign stirs controversy over Biblical verse | San Antonio.

“Controversial” Pray for Obama Sign Removed.

When a president assaults America’s military!.

Biden: “Yes We Do” Want To Raise Taxes A Trillion.

ציר זמן אחרית ימים.

End Times Timeline.


via Child Do Not Fear by Daniel Hasey.

Love Outran Me WorshipMob – WorshipMob HD – Real. Live. Worship. – YouTube.

WorshipMob – Holy Spirit Bryan.

Analysis: Americans to face tougher 2013 on rising prices, taxes Reuters.

Obama reelection would be bad for Jerusalem, Rivlin says The Times of Israel.

Millions without power in wake of superstorm Sandy The Times of Israel.

Romney, GOP suddenly plunging onto Democratic turf The Times of Israel.

Israel used Sudan bombing as dry run for attack on Iran, British newspaper claims The Times of Israel.

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